It is our belief that the Pathway to World Peace is the transition of adherents to the eight specific Worldviews from their present, often unconscious, adherence to the Ten Key Component Beliefs of the “Lower” Manifestation of a given worldview to their voluntary ascendance to an adherence to the Ten Key Component Beliefs of the “Higher” Manifestation of the same worldview – NOT along the coercive path of attempting to convert adherents to one of the eight worldviews to a different worldview… let alone to ONE single unitary “Worldview.”

Along this path, peaceful cooperation between and among adherents to the “Higher” Manifestation of each of the Eight Alternative Worldviews can be effectuated, generating institutions of cooperation and constructive living among communities and civilizations based upon all eight different Worldviews.

It is our present belief that this “pathway” exists through the “gateway” of The Divine Feminine within the Mode of Spiritual Expression which is generic to each of the eight individual Worldviews.

The Present Condition

We find our planet confronted with the imminent consequences of massive Global Warming, threatening, within our lifetimes, to inundate literally hundreds of millions of square miles of our global coastlands with salt water, thereby destroying literally hundreds of trillions of dollars of business and personal property and the homes of hundreds of millions of people, thereby generating millions of human refugees. This phenomenon will also result in the contamination of one-quarter of our planet’s available, potable drinking water that is contained in coastal, underground fresh water aquifers. It will also melt (and thereby cast into the sea) a second one-quarter of our planet’s presently-available, potable drinking water that is presently contained in the one-mile-deep polar glacial ice-fields that extend one thousand miles from the North and South Poles of our planet toward our Equator, thereby not only eliminating a full one-third of the then-still-remaining potable drinking water available to our human family but also dramatically altering the salination level of our oceans, thereby, altering the under-sea currents which directly effect our global climate-patterns as well as destroying the plankton in the sea which constitute the very base of the sensitive “food-chain” in our seas. On top of all this, there are dozens if not hundreds of nuclear power plants along coastlines throughout the world that will be compromised as the sea level rises and storms become more severe.

We also presently find our nation more deeply in debt to other nations – and to the international banking industry – than at any time in our nation’s history …while, at the same time, spending the largest annual military budgets in our nation’s history, with the lowest percentage levels of income taxes being paid by the wealthiest 5% of our population and our corporations since the point in time immediately preceding the 1929 collapse of our entire global economy.

And, as a direct result of the foreign policies and military policies embraced and pursued by the American Administrations of George H.W Bush and George W. Bush at the very end of The Cold War, we find ourselves, as Americans, confronted by the most deeply-felt and aggressively-demonstrated degree of “Anti-Americanism” on the part of members of the radical Islamic Fundamentalist religious community in our entire history, manifesting itself in the form of the generation of multiple Islamic “terrorist” cells presently organizing and arming themselves to launch paramilitary attacks against our nation here at home and against our nation’s citizens and “interests” not only throughout the entire Middle East but, indeed, everywhere across on the entire planet. These “terrorist” threats, in turn, threaten the stability and reliability of our supply of petroleum….which, amazingly perhaps, remains, even today, our almost exclusive source of domestic energy.

So, one should be VERY interested in precisely what criteria we, as members of the American Electorate, are going to employ in making our “choices” from among the various Official Candidates for the House and Senate who will present themselves to us for each of the seats in our Congress- and then precisely what criteria we will employ in choosing between the two Final Candidates offered to us by the two Major Political parties to serve as our representative?

However, the vast majority of the members of our American Electorate do not, to any meaningful degree, understand the differences between the “Principles, Policies and Programs” that are likely to be espoused by a Candidate whom one might accurately identify as “Liberal” and the “Principles, Policies and Programs” that are likely to be espoused by a Candidate whom one could accurately identify as “Conservative.” Nor do we really understand the “differences” between the “Principles, Policies and Programs” that are likely to be espoused by either of two such “Liberal” or “Conservative” Candidates and the Principles, Policies and Programs that are likely to be espoused by a Candidate who adheres to the more-recently-encountered “Neo-Conservative” Worldview …or of the “Progressive” Worldview. Indeed, we aware totally unaware of the fact that there exist EIGHT entirely distinct human “Worldviews” from amongst which one can logically choose in determining what the “Principles, Policies and Programs” will be that one wishes to adopt, here in the 21st Century, by means of which to address – and, hopefully, to remedy – these, and the other, “national” … and “global”… public policy problems that will confront us over the next ten-year period…and on through our 21st Century.

Very few Americans can tell which of these alternative “Worldviews” any particular Candidate for public office actually espouses…IF ANY…in attempting to make our “choice” between them – because virtually EVERY Official Candidate does the very best that he or she can to convince the members of whichever audience he or she is speaking to at any given moment that that Candidate adheres to that “Worldview”- that is the “Worldview” that is shared by the majority of the members of THAT particular audience to which he or she is speaking at the time. In short, virtually ALL Candidates for modern American political office attempt to conceal his or her true “Worldview” from potential voters…or, even worse, he or she insists that he or she does NOT even HAVE ANY specific “Worldview” at all….so as to avoid being characterized as being “Ideological.” He or she always insists, instead, that he or she will simply always simply “strive to do what is the ‘right’ thing to do in every situation.” So, just “TRUST Me!” So, just decide whether you LIKE me…and whether you think that I am LIKE you. Don’t worry about the fact that you often can’t tell WHAT my ‘position’ is ON ANYTHING.”

Such a “reality” hardly recommends such a person to hold the most important political positions in our community, a position in which he or she will be presented with repeated situations in which he or she will have to make almost immediate – and potentially world-altering – decisions. For, without such a “Worldview”, what criteria might such a person resort to in making such important – and potentially world-altering – decisions?

To remedy this serious “public policy problem”: that so few of the members of our American Electorate are adequately well-informed as to the precise nature – and “range” – of the “Principles, Policies and Programs” from amongst which we must choose in order to effectively address – and hopefully to solve – the many complex and serious problems that confront us, as American voters, here at the beginning of our 21st Century.

Architecture of a Worldview

Attorney Daniel Sheehan, a Harvard College-trained Political Scientist; a Harvard Law School-trained Constitutional Legal Scholar and a Harvard Divinity School-trained Comparative Social Ethicist, in the pages of the Open Skies Ministry, will set forth the TEN “Key Categorical Beliefs” that go into making up each of the EIGHT Classic “Worldviews” that compete daily, in our everyday world, for our conscious (but more-often un-conscious) “loyalty.”

These are:

“Cosmology” (or theory as to the origins of and the presently-functioning operative physical principles of our physical universe);

“Teleology” (or theory as to the “direction” [if any] in which our physical universe is “unfolding” …and what its ultimate “destination” is);

“Ontology” (or theory as to the source and nature of “Consciousness” …and how it “evolved” out of apparently “inert and impersonal matter”);

“Epistemology” (or theory as to what the “means” are which we have at our disposal, as human beings, by means of which we can possibly come to “know” the “answer” to such “cosmic” questions as these);

“Mode of Ethical Reasoning” (or methodology be means of which we determine what is “Right” and what is “Wrong”, what is “Good” and what is “Bad” – or even what is “Better” and what is “Best” from among apparent “options” presented to us by our universe);

“Philosophy” (which is generated by the composite of specific “Answers” that one determines for oneself to these previous “Cosmic Questions”);

“Political Philosophy” (or theory as to how we, as human beings, “ought” to go about collectively deciding how to decide what the Principles, Policies and Programs are pursuant to which we should make our collective “community” decisions governing how we live together…and what the comparative degree of importance is that we should attribute to “The Collective” or “The Individual”);

“Theory of Human Psychology” (or theory as to how our individual human Mind “works” in conjunction with “The outside world.”);

“Mode of Spiritual Expression” (or “Theological” and/or “Meta-Physical” theory pursuant to which we as human beings might comport ourselves “in the face of The Mystery” which is The Universe and/or its “Source”); and

Its ultimate “Social Form” (or particular “form and structure” that Adherents to each such “Worldview” believe ought to be put into place, through the “authority” of The Collective Community, in which we, as human beings, should live together in our human communities.)

Urged by a growing number of the participants in President Gorbachev’s State of The World Forum to set forth his personal insights gained from his almost four-decades of direct personal experience and public service as the person who initiated and supervised more than one dozen of the most famous private public interest investigations of his Era into matters which are of central importance to most members of his Generation, Daniel Sheehan was given a private grant in the Spring of 2006 by a generous benefactress which allowed him to take time necessary from his busy schedule of public trials, public speaking engagements and radio and television interviews to set down the details of the most important insights of his past forty years of legal and public policy experience and to make these details available to the other members of his Post World War II Generation, and to the members of his sons’ “Millennial Generation” who need to know these facts, now more than ever – because their Generation must now become the new Full-Partners of The Baby Boom Generation in taking up the challenge of fulfilling the too-long-delayed promises of Western Civilization made to the people of the world.

The Post World War II “Idealist” Generation – must take immediate concrete steps that will enable us to succeed, within our lifetimes, to return the leaders of our Western Civilization to the utilization of an up-dated, or “modernized”, Natural Law Mode of Ethical Reasoning to arrive at our collective global public policy-making decisions… before the now-immediately-looming global thermonuclear war “simply occurs” between China and The United States – leaving us all wondering, in those last dark, final moments of human life on our planet, whether there was ever a way…for even for one bright and shining moment…when this ultimate tragic end to our entire human experiment might possibly have been avoided.

The successful discernment, identification and public articulation of such an up-dated and “modernized” Natural Law Worldview is, then, the ultimate strategic objective of this work.


However, in the spirit of full disclosure… and to encourage an equally complete and open communication on the part of others in their response to the important subjects addressed in this work, let it be said, at the outset, that Daniel Sheehan believes that there exist eight entirely separate and distinct “Human Worldviews” from the perspective of any one of which the present national and international crisis that presently confronts our world, here in the post Cold War era, might be perceived and evaluated – with complete integrity.

It is our belief that:

1.)   The largest and best-educated Generation in the history  of our human family (the so-called “Baby Boom  Generation born during the 21-year period between  November of 1942 and November of 1963) IS INDEED a classical “IDEALIST” GENERATION as such a Generation is identified and described by Strauss and Howe in their 1991 work;

2.)  The second largest – and hopefully the  newly-best-educated – Generation in the entire history of our human family (the so-called “Millennial” Generation) born in the final 25-year period of The 20th Century between 1975 and the Year 2000, will be a classical “CIVIC GENERATION as is identified and described by Strauss and Howe in their work;

3.)  The essential “issues” around which The IDEALIST Generation and The CIVIC Generation of the 21st Century (“Cycle”) will coalesce will, indeed, be essentially “SPIRITUAL”. This means: Cosmology; Teleology; Ontology; Epistemology; Mode of Ethical Analysis and Mode of Spiritual Expression;

4.)  The 10-year period between 1965 and 1975 in the United States constituted a classical “Spiritual Awakening” as identified and described by Strauss and Howe;

5.)   It is extremely likely that there is going to occur within  the United States (and within Western Civilization in general) a “SECULAR CRISIS” of absolutely “strategic proportions” in the next few decades – which will result from the failure on the part of the “Civic Generation” of the 20th Century “Cycle” to adequately “reconstruct” the social, political and economic institutional structures of the United States and Western Civilization (following the “Secular Crisis” of the 20th Century “Cycle” which occurred between 1929 and 1942) to adequately inculcate within them the essential “Spiritual” Principles enunciated by the “IDEALIST” Generation of the 20th Century “Cycle” (i.e. THE PROGRESSIVE GENERATION of The Chautauqua Movement) and as a result of the resistance on the part of this same “Civic Generation” to agree to “amend” these post World War II institutions to attempt to inculcate within these reconstructed institutions these same “Spiritual” Principles when called upon to have done so by the “Idealist Generation” of the 21st Century “Cycle” between 1965 and 1975 during the “Social Movement” identified as “The Sixties”;

6.)  That this “21st century Secular Crisis” is going to take the form of either:

a.)  A resurgence of a radical nativist movement in the United States (such as we experienced between 1890 and 1929 during “The Gilded Era” led ideologically by neo- Hegelianists and Neo-Darwinists) which will evolve into a Fascist State such as that experienced in Germany in the post 1929 events IF the “Neo-Cons” of the nature of Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and others remain in political power in the United States… which will result in another worldwide collapse in upon itself of the global Capitalist economic structure and another “World War” against the global imperialist Fascist State (this time it being the United States instead of Germany).        


b.)  The establishment of a new “Northern Industrial Alliance” between “The G-8” Nations of NAFTA and the GATT Nations of Europe with RUSSIA against CHINA…which will result in a major thermonuclear “showdown” between China and “The West (and Russia) before 2050;

7.)   That both of these foreseeable alternative “crisis” scenarios can be effectively addressed by:

(a) Establishing the “alliance” between the Baby Boom Generation 21st Century Cycle  “Idealists” Generation activists and the Millennialist Generation 21st Century Cycle “Civic Generation” activists (which Strauss and Howe have identified as having been successfully established in each of the preceding five 100-year historical “cycles” studied in Western Civilization);

(b) Identifying a common set of Spiritual Beliefs (i.e. pertaining to: Cosmology; Teleology;  Ontology; Epistemology; Mode of Ethical Reasoning and Mode of Spiritual Expression) which can be commonly adopted with complete integrity by at least a plurality of the 82 million members of the American Baby Boom Generation and by at least a plurality of the 75 million members of the American Millennial Generation;

(c) Devising and putting into concrete operation a massive grassroots public education and grassroots Congressional District-by-District public organizing and mobilization project which can effectively “tender” these specific beliefs to this plurality of American citizens and “mobilize” this plurality of American citizens to freely choose and adopt these specific beliefs;   and

(d) Providing to the American People a Political Party Apparatus that will “translate” this specific set of “spiritual” beliefs into concrete Principles, Public Policy Proposals and Public and Private Programs which will effectively translate these “spiritual values” into the public policy of first the United States, then of Western Civilization as a whole.

It is our further belief  that:

The “deductive” structural conclusions of the sociological studies undertaken by Harvard University’s long-time Chairman of its Department of Sociology, Dr. Talcott Parsons, and his student Dr. Ralph Potter, the long-time Chairman of The Department of Comparative Ethics at Harvard University – as these conclusions have been explained and supplemented by Daniel Peter Sheehan in his 2005 work entitled: PARADIGM POLITICS: The Clash of Worldviews and The Remaking of The American Political Order at The End of The Cold War – are in fact correct.

SPECIFICALLY, this means that:

It is our further belief that:

8.)   There exist EIGHT distinct human “Worldviews” pursuant to which adherents to each of these distinct Worldviews hold a distinctly integrated set of beliefs pertaining to: Cosmology; Teleology; Ontology; Epistemology and a resultant Philosophy: which, in turn, generate a specific: Political Philosophy; Theory of Human Psychology; Mode of Ethical Reasoning; Mode of Spiritual Expression and Social Form;

9.)   These eight distinct human Worldviews derive directly from the fact that members  of our human species possess, as an integral function of our human anatomy (within the specific “octave” range of vibrational frequency within which our solar system/galaxy arises) eight distinct biological “energy centers” within and immediately above our human body…that, in turn, generate eight distinct “energy fields” which surround our physical bodies, each of a different vibrational frequency (each “energy field” of which vibrates in sympathetic resonance with the specific vibrational frequency of the corresponding “energy center” from which this “energy field” originates) and

10.)  Each individual human being directly experiences “Reality” prism-ed through the distinct complex of the eight contiguous differing energy fields which surround his or her body;              

It is our further belief that:

The subjective structural conclusions of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the 20th Century Jesuit Paleontologist are also factually correct. SPECIFICALLY, this means that:

11.) There exists objectively a biologically pre-determined “ideal”:

a.) frequency at which each of the eight human biological “energy centers” in the human body should vibrate;

b.) rate of “rotation” at which each of these eight distinct “energy centers” within each human body should rotate; and

c.) angle to the ecliptic at which each of these eight distinct “energy centers” within each human body should incline

Which, we believe, would result in each such human being, within whom each of these three ideal conditions obtained, being an “ideal” human being who would be able to experience “Reality” in an entirely “objective” manner.


We believe further that:

12.) Our human species is presently at a point at which virtually every human being presently dwelling on our Earth is in a state of only partial evolution toward an ideal “OMEGA POINT” of human evolution at which each of we human beings will have fully evolved eight distinct physical senses (one correlating to each of our eight distinct human “energy centers”) by means of which eight distinct human physical senses each of us will be able to fully experience Reality as it “objectively” is;

13.) That there exists CO-TERMINUS WITH the physical confines of our Universe a functioning HOLOGRAPHIC PHENOMENON which is naturally drawing up into Holographic Harmony with The Master Hologram of The Universe each and every sub-structure of this Hologram (of which we, as human beings, are one such sub-structure.)

We, therefore, believe, further, that:

14.) There is a natural evolutionary teleology functioning entirely physically within our physical Universe pursuant to which we, as a physical species, will inevitably and progressively evolve toward that “Omega Point” at which each and every individual human being will be perfected … So long as we do not physically destroy ourselves…and our planet …before we naturally reach this “Perusia.”


15.) There are a number of specific physical exercises and physical practices which can be consciously undertaken by individual human beings during their natural lifetimes which, if assiduously practiced can – and will – accelerate that individual’s otherwise entirely natural biophysical state…so that one

(a) increases one’s Sixth Sense of “Intuition” (“Pure Reason”),

(b) gives one access de novo to one’s SEVENTH FACILITY of direct experiential access to THE INFINITE AND ETERNAL SEA OF UNDIFFERENTIATED CONSCIOUSNESS from which our physical Universe emanated … and

(c) gains one direct access to one’s EIGHT FACULTY … by means of which one begins to experience life as HOMO DIVINIS.

We believe, further, that:

16.) We, as human beings, are distinguished from previous stages of biological evolution on our planet, by our evolution of a sixth physical sense (over and above all of our five traditional physical senses of: touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing), this being: INTELLECTUS (or self-conscious linear thought.) But we believe that there have existed, in the past – and presently exist among us – individual human beings who are biological harbingers of a NEW SEVENTH PHYSICAL SENSE – which is a biological physical sense by means of which these extra-ordinary individual human beings are able to directly physically experience the holographic BONDING PHENOMENON which constitutes the MATRIX of the physical Universe…thus providing these individuals direct access to “NON-local” knowledge (both spacial and temporal) of the full contours of REALITY.

These beings we call “PROPHETS” and their insights and pronouncements (and their extraordinary physical deeds) are the basis of the Seven Major Human Modes of Spiritual Expression.

We believe that:

17.) The bio-physically-based Worldview that entails the knowledge of this REALITY is THE SIXTH PARADIGM WORLDVIEW, which is the Worldview of INTUITION.

We believe that:

Which “miracles” are also the “product” of the fact that all eight of their “energy centers” are functioning at their “perfect-ed” vibrational frequency, rate of physical rotation and angle of inclination.

18.) There exist TWO ADDITIONAL potential human “senses” or “faculties”…these being:

A new biological “faculty” by means of which each individual human being can potentially directly experientially access union with THE INFINITE AND ETERNAL SEA OF UNDIFFERENTIATED CONSCIOUSNESS out of which our physical Universe emanated,


One other new biological faculty – the nature of which we do yet know… because this experience is the experience of a new faculty that is the first “faculty” of the next species into which we are evolving after we reach “perfection” as members of the species homo sapien sapien… a species which we identify as HOMO DIVINIS which exists in another “octave” of harmonic vibrational frequency ONE FULL OCTAVE HIGHER than the “octave” within which our REALITY physically “manifests”.